Up-cycled, Femme, Trendy clothing

The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to the world's pollution. According to an article from Businessinsider, Clothing production has roughly doubled since 2000. 85% of textiles end up in a landfill. Microfibers of polyester (what the majority of clothing is made with) ends up in the ocean.

Being in the industry for over 8yrs I realized there's no way around this. Unless, we stop producing garments. I tried shopping at vintage stores, but everything was either out of style or not a good fit That's when she.wantz.it was born. At she.wantz.it, we take second handed clothing & give it a little rinse, air dry it, adjust it to not only be on trend but to fit. Every piece is unique, one of a kind to fit a specific size. Any excess fabric from the adjustments is used to make additional garments or saved for the perfect unique piece.

Join me, on minimizing pollution while being on trend!

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